smx RTOS


USB Device and Host stacks and OTG (On-The-Go) are offered.

smxUSBD™ permits connecting an embedded device to a USB host, such as a PC, and emulating serial, mass storage, or other devices. This permits easy connection for control, downloading files, and other activities.

smxUSBH™ permits connecting USB devices, such as USB thumb drives, human interface devices, and printers, to an embedded device.

smxUSBO™ implements OTG to allow switching roles between device and host. Rich selections of function drivers for smxUSBD and class drivers for smxUSBH cover a multitude of application needs. A large assortment of USB controller drivers creates out-of-the-box solutions for many popular processors and external USB controllers.

smxUSBD Brochure smxUSBH Brochure mxUSBO Brochure

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