• Fast, Reentrant, ROMable
  • Designed for Real-Time Embedded Systems
  • IEEE 754 single and double precision numbers
  • Support for ANSI C compilers for ARM
  • No Application Modifications Required
  • Conforms 100% to the ABI standard for ARM

Floating Point Libraries

CT-GoFaster is Coressent Technology's first port of GoFast floating-point libraries for the ARM architecture,. The library is pre-built and immediately ready for use in the link step of building the application. In other words, it is a "link and go" compiler solution.

Technology History

GoFast® was originally developed by US Software Corporation (USSW) in the 1980s as "Architecture Independent Technology" (AIT) using proven floating point algorithms to support various microprocessors. The product was designed specifically for use in embedded applications to boost math calculations and in most circumstances helped to eliminate need for hardware floating-point. GoFast carried industry recognition as the fastest floating-point library available.

Supported CPUs

The goal of CT-GoFaster™ is to provide the best software floating-point performance possible for ARM CPUs. For that reason, the implementation takes advantage of instructions that are only available in ARM architecture v5 and above.

Performance Comparison

The following table provides a timing comparison of floating-point functions that are provided by CT-GoFaster vs. gcc 4.5.1 for ARM. The numbers represent a performance gain within each function attributed to utilization of CF-GoFaster verses the standard gcc 4.5.1 library comparison. All values are provided in "number of times" (x) faster. Besides the basic FP operations (+-*/, compare) several conversion functions are within 15% difference in speed between CTGoFaster and gcc, depending on input values. Therefore, they are not included in the library.

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